Far too often, ETM encounters customers who hadn’t realized that their homes were actually great for solar! Your home does not need to be the “perfect” solar location for solar to be a worthwhile investment. Check out these 3 solar obstacles and what you can do about them!


1. Don’t have a perfect south facing roof? Consider putting your solar on an east or west facing roof, or maybe a ground mount.

Many people think that you need to have a south facing roof for solar to be worth it, and this is simply not true! Solar can be a viable option on an east or west facing roof. In the event that you don’t have viable roof space for solar, you can always consider a ground mount. Ground mounts are a great option for anyone with enough open space on their property.


2. Tons of cloud cover in your area? Solar will still work for you.

ETM Solar Works is located in a relatively cloudy area of the United States: the Southern Tier of New York. Nontheless, we have installed hundreds of solar systems that reliably provide their owners with plenty of power! How does this work? Well, panels will still produce at some capacity when its cloudy. Plus, a good solar installer will factor in cloud cover and other climate factors when they are designing your system. That’s exactly what ETM does. You will probably need a few more panels than someone getting solar in, say, San Diego. But, with the cost of solar panels continuing to fall and financing options for solar at the ready, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Remember, you can always offset part of your electric bill with solar if offsetting the full thing is not an option! You can even go back and get more solar panels installed down the road. Don’t let cloud cover stop you from harnessing the power of the sun!


3. Is there truly no space to put solar on your property? Consider community solar.

Community solar is an excellent option for anyone who truly doesn’t have the space for solar on their property. Depending on the model of the community solar farm you’re participating in, you can either purchase panels on the farm or “lease” them. ETM Solar operates a small solar farm in Johnson City, NY that operates with the purchase model. Either way, you will get solar credits on your electric bill even though the panels aren’t located on your property, making community solar a worthwhile investment for anyone who can’t get solar on their home.

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