ETM Solar Works, like most solar panel installers, works year round! However, there are certain times of the year when there are certain advantages to having solar installed – and the height of summer is one of them. Here are 3 big reasons why going solar in the summer is one of the best decisions you can make for your wallet and for the planet.

1. Build up solar credit on your utility bill.

First, when you have solar installed in the summer, you are going to be able to start raking in solar credits right away – meaning that your electric bill is likely to start out being $0. If you have your solar installed in the winter, you will still average a $0 electric bill over the course of the year with net metering. However, getting yourself all set up in the summer means you are more likely to start seeing a complete elimination of your month-to-month electric bill right away. (For more information on net metering, check out this article from Solar Power World!)

2. Take full advantage of available tax credits.

This isn’t just true in the summer, but making sure you get your system installed before the end of the year guarantees that you will be able to take advantage of tax credits for that fiscal year. A summer install allows you to do exactly that! Depending on where you live, state and federal tax credits – when expiring or changing – will do so at the end of the year. In the world of solar, sooner is always better!

3. Get solar installed while there’s good weather.

Good weather is one of the things that makes summer so great! A summer install means that we are less likely to be slowed down by seasonal storms. We do our best to work around mother nature’s winter storms, but the summer is your best bet for a clear-skied install!

Call ETM Solar today and go solar!