Electronic signatures are a wonderful tool that allows us to go paperless and get approvals for your project faster. However, it’s important that you know what to expect when we say we are sending your paperwork for electronic signature!

How many things do I have to sign?

If you live in New York State, you will get two emails with items to sign attached. The first email will be from NYSERDA (dse_na2@docusign.net) and consists of one document only. Signing your NYSERDA paperwork allows us to get the NYSERDA grant for your solar project. The second email will be from Adobe Sign (adobesign@adobesign.com) and consists of a packet with multiple documents that include any building permit paperwork and any utility paperwork you need to sign. Signing these documents allows us to interconnect your solar system with your utility, and to get a building permit for your project.

If you live in Pennsylvania, you will only get one email: the email from Adobe Sign (adobesign@adobesign.com). This is because only New York residents are eligible for the NYSERDA grant. So, if you live in Pennsylvania, you do not need to sign any NYSERDA paperwork.

What does the email from NYSERDA look like?

The email from NYSERDA looks like this:

What does the email from Adobe Sign look like?

The email from Adobe Sign looks like this:


If you run into trouble with either of these emails, you can always call our office at 607-785-6499 or email us at info@etmsolar.com!